Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Steven Keri steve and calvin

Dad, you taught me how to be a loving husband and a great father. You taught that sometimes teasing is the best way to get rid of a crybaby that's all up in your face. In fact, I'm gonna tease Steve right now so I can finish this blog post. I love you, POP! Happy birthday and thanks for all the amazing memories and laughs.

Bluesy Rock heavily influenced by Martin Townsend

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lisa and Ben Townsend

I'm so thankful for You and all You and Mom have done for me in my life. I meet people that know you at least once a week and they all say that they love you or that their kids love you. I hope there's nothing in your mind getting in the way of the joy you should feel for influencing so many people in a positive way. I am so blessed by your example of putting us first, always telling me you love me, never being driven by status or pride. You appreciate everyone else no matter what. So many people, including me, can't see past the end of their nose when it comes to other people. We don't value other people as much as you do. Who are we really besides the things we've done? Over the years you've done so much and helped so many people learn about the gospel and the things that really are important. The world is truly a better place after having 60 years of you. So where your knee brace old man so we can go boarding.

BenKT touching a sharkThe important thingsUncle Brett after Pirates of the Caribbean

Lisa and Jeremy Townsend

Hey Pop,
Thank you so much for your inpsiration, guidance and example. You bless our lives daily and are in our prayers nightly. Happy Birthday and may the next 10 years be as blessed as the last. We love you so much and are grateful to be with you on this day.

Love and prayers,
Jeremy, Lisa, Benjamin and Rio


We love you and wish we were there to celebrate by your side.
Here are a few things that remind us of you:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mart! Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time on your Birthday! I remember when I was little and you were in high school I used to like to pick you up from your bus stop on my stingray and give you a ride the rest of the way home. (It made me feel important!) I used to like watching you melt wax on your surfboard. And I thought it was cool the way you used to shoot spit from between your teeth! My very first bike was an old black one that used to be yours so that made it cool! And I'll never forget you pulling up in the roadrunner panel wagon at the crack of dawn to go flying airplanes!!!! I remember having so much fun we would laugh our selves to death!
Have a great 60th Bday!


60--What a monumental day! I have several heroes in my life outside my dad. Grandpa is one of my best heroes for how well he treats and takes care of Grandma. What a great example. Just to get a little soppy, I wanted you to know that your are one of my top heroes for how well rounded you are. You're an example in every aspect of your life and are cool and fun loving on top of it. If only more of us had your talents and ambition. Have a great day bud,
Love ya,

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Enjoy the WEST on your birthday.....
The WILD WEST days are fading away.......... Happy Birthday from Gail and Dennis

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

Love, Cassidy

Happy Birthday from the Musical Ogdens!

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We love you pop!

10 Things I Love About Raggy-By Caro

I have many memries of Dad. All are fond memories that I treasure. Some are hilarious and others are tender. So to make it fun, I thought I'd do a top ten reasons why I love my father-in-law:

1. The very first time I met Dad, he talked skateboarding lingo with Jamie-I thought he was so cool!
2. "You know, if you marry Jamie, you marry Steve." Truer words were never spoken.
3. If anything is broken, he doesn't hesitate to fix it and can't rest until the project is done. Can you come to my house?
4. If you get a drink and leave the cup on the counter, you can count on it being gone within 30 seconds of you leaving the near vicinity.
5. No one is as manly in an apron and doing house chores as this karate guru.
6. He says he has 12 kids. Who else would want to have 6 of their own and then want to claim 6 more to his name? So cool.
7. He loves Uma Thurman for her skills, but let's me endulge when I ignore his claims and praise Jennifer Garner for her intense training and radical moves. Seriously, this can't be debated!
8. He's the toughest guy in the family, but he's the biggest wimp when it comes to going to Mexico.
9. Most guys his age have nightmares about getting cancer or going bald, Raggy has nightmares about being in line at Wal Mart. (No seriously, he actually had a nightmare about being in line at Wal Mart with one gallon of milk in hand and a line as far as the eye could see)
10. He's the best father-in-law in the world. I couldn't have picked a better family to be a part of. Thanks Raggy for making life so fun!

"Yoy!" By Jamie

"Yoy!" is typically the first thing you hear when you come into Mom and Dad's house, and it has served as a way to find each other while snowboarding or at the firework show at the Club. "Yoy!" has frustrated brother-in-laws who struggle with the proper timber, and confused visitors and neighbors. "Yoy!" is a strange sound created by strange people.

So where did it come from? For my addition to Dad's b-day blog, I wanted to do some research on the expression "Yoy!" and how it came to bless our lives with its joyous and manly ring. I had my own memory of how it evolved, but my brain tends to remember things in a somewhat exaggerated manner, so I did some research. I called Ben and he told me, "I think that “Yoy!” was a you and Steve thing." He couldn't remember why we did it. So I called Steve and we both agreed on the following brief history of "Yoy!":

"Yoy!" began as "Oi!" and was plagiarized from the following commercial released in 1987 by Energizer Corp.:

Steve and I fiddled around with "Oi!" until it became "Yoy!" It was our beloved father, however, that changed "Yoy!" into the long drawn out "Youuuuuuuuuy!" that we know today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009